Alusett Precision Manufacturing

Consoles, Control Desks and Racks

Consoles, Control Desks and Racks

Alusett offers custom and standard enclosures. Enclosure for every sized electronic instrumentation is available ranging from the needs of small security devices to room-sized furnishings to house multi-bay computer business systems and command centers. The enclosures include consoles, control desks, racks and rack mounted systems (17", 19", other), mobile process control units and computer support furniture. Enclosures may be constructed out of extruded frame systems and/or sheet metal fabrication. A large selection of finishes are available.

    Anodized alumiunum frame
    Wide color selection
    File and pencil drawers
    19" racking and other
    Endless configurations
    Laminate writing surfaces
    Power strips
    Removable panels
    Equipment cut outs
    Wiring harnesses
Easily modified
Keyboard slides
Choice of facia
Bus bars
Fan assemblies
Leveling feet

Command / Control Centers

Alusett offers custom and standard control consoles for all applications, where complete command center operation is required. The units can be fabricated to any configuration and size. Multi-bay floor to ceiling units can be modularly constructed, easily modified and/or added to.

Security / Military
     - CCTV
     - Operations
     - Intensive Care Units
     - Nursing Stations
     - Operations
Police / Fire Departments
     - CCTV
     - Operations
Power Plants
      - Control
      - Facilities
      - Operations
Home Surveillence Systems
      - Radio
      - Television